CooperVision Russia Medical Marketing Program: Focus Group Surveys

CooperVision Russia’s Medical Marketing Program has become a successful tool to quickly identify discomfort-related issues for contact lens wearers and help reduce the dropout rate.

Developed over the last five years, the program focuses on active communication between the eye care provider and the patient. Issues such as eye redness, dryness and blurred vision are quickly identified and addressed so that consumers can comfortably wear their contact lenses.

The CooperVision Russia marketing team conducted a recent survey of contact lens wearers in all key regions of Russia to examine usage and perceptions of optic stores, the current levels of medical service and the effectiveness of the CooperVision Russia Medical Marketing Program. Survey respondents listed medical service in optic stores, reduction of drop outs, and increased comfort in the use of contact lenses as their primary areas of interest. Consumers also noted enhanced perceptions of retailers participating in the Medical Marketing Program, seeing them as medical service centers where the staff is highly professional and cares about their health.

Videos featuring the research results will help the Russia sales team to motivate optometrists to promote the value of contact lenses and CooperVision products to their customers.


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