Making it Happen in Marbella – CooperVision EMEA 2019 Planning Meeting

As the journey to #1 gathers pace, the CooperVision EMEA leadership team headed to Marbella, Spain, to look ahead at 2019 in the annual EMEA commercial planning forum.

Four Winning Pillars

The forum focused on four key strategies: WIN by meeting the needs of today’s consumers; WIN with the customers that will drive growth; WIN by acting as leaders; and WIN through building a great organization.

Getting ‘Race-Ready’ and Protect and Grow

The need to succeed in one-day products was highlighted, with the portfolio likened to a Formula 1 racing car that has been prepared, finely tuned and is now ready to race. Individual product strategies were presented, with the paths to success clearly defined with highly targeted sources of growth. The importance of protecting and growing our FRP and lens care portfolios was presented, with the opportunities for 2019 illustrated.

Beyond Our Core Offering

The strategies bring into focus areas beyond product, such as direct-to-patient services and category development. There was also an introduction into the role of the Specialty EyeCare Division and how it’s focused on increasing accessibility to advanced specialty products for eye-care practitioners, while strengthening CooperVision’s image within a changing vision care market.

The roles of Logistics, Planning and Customer Service were covered as well as the Momentum project. A session on sales and customer focus completed the podium presentations.

Speed Dating

Part of the forum format is for the country management teams to have 45-minute ‘speed dating’ follow-up sessions in each of the areas presented on the podium. This allows for more detailed discussion and where specific market dynamics can be taken into account. The final day was split into functional groups – country leaders, Finance and Marketing & Professional Services. This allowed those groups to focus on topics highly relevant to their area of expertise.

What Next?

The next step is for individual market teams to build their plans around the commercial strategies presented and discussed – all of which should take the CooperVision EMEA team further on the journey to #1!


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