Nordic Contact Lens Forum – A Breakthrough Idea to Lead the Category

In the quest to be the #1 contact lens manufacturer in EMEA, a key strategic pillar is to ‘WIN by acting as leaders’. Leadership can be interpreted in a number of ways, and with some refreshing thinking the CooperVision Nordic team embarked on a hugely ambitious category leadership initiative.

A Big Idea

The Nordic region did not have a central forum or event that focused exclusively on the contact lens category. This meant that there was a great opportunity for an innovator to take the lead and run an event that brought together the optical community from across the region. It was from here that the Nordic Contact Lens Forum (NCLF) 2018 was born.

The Event

Organised by the CooperVision Nordic team, NCLF pitched itself as the region’s largest product neutral clinical and commercial forum with a focus on the latest research and development within the contact lens industry. It was presented as a platform for knowledge sharing and to recognize the great work of stores and individuals across the region through the Nordic Optical Awards.

The CooperVision team recruited a line-up of independent, influential and prominent speakers within the field of optometry from all over the world, which really helped give the event genuine credibility.

Owning the Agenda

A great benefit of running the event was that it offered the opportunity for CooperVision to shape the agenda. Topics covered included the importance of one-day silicone hydrogel products, myopia management and digital eye fatigue. There was also a focus on business partnership and a link between NCLF and future sales initiatives.

The evening’s activities centred around the first Nordic Optical Awards, which recognized extraordinary achievements within the contact lens industry, including Optician of the Year and Optician Store of the Year.

Great Numbers

With nearly 650 attendees, the event was a fantastic success. The top four accounts (GrandVision, Specsavers, Synsam and NOA) attended with their leadership teams, key personnel and over 250 opticians. There was strong independent representation as well as nearly 100 graduating students.

Kristian Alexandersson, Head of Marketing, CooperVision Nordic, shared his team’s thoughts on the event, “Everybody at CooperVision Nordic is absolutely delighted by the response from the trade to the NCLF. It is validation in our belief that our approach is bringing a refreshing perspective to the category and positioning CooperVision as the category leader.”


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