CooperVision Israel: Integrating Businesses to Become a Market Leader

Left: CooperVision Israel building
Right: CooperVision Israel sales team members at an off-site team building activity. (Photo left to right: Karin Pereg, Moran Zuri, Oshra Tzoref, Sivan Din El, Chaco Siglof, Michael Korpak, Orit Gal, Omri Otmazgin and Michal Peri Malka)

With the goal of becoming customers’ number one choice for contact lenses, CooperVision Israel is making progress on integrating acquired distributors Soflex and Blueyes into one business. The results are already impressive: CooperVision has become the recognized leader in branded product, while also driving private label growth in Israel.

The large-scale initiative involved integrating key functions and systems from both organizations under a single cohesive umbrella. “We had two great companies with very different attributes to unite, and we wanted to preserve the best qualities of both,” says Estee Rosen, CooperVision Israel Country Manager. “This integration will position us to achieve our goals and enable us to operate more efficiently and effectively moving forward.”

One aspect of the integration was merging operations – warehouses, ERP systems and operations teams. This included the renovation and expansion of the Bar-Lev distribution facility, housing approximately five million lenses.

Another was transitioning the manufacturing and R&D components of Soflex to the new CooperVision Specialty Eye Care division. Soflex manufactures contact lenses from various soft and gas permeable materials, distributing them overseas and to the Israeli market. Its managing director, Shimon Behar, says, “We are an integral part of this new group, which requires working with new partners, learning new markets and thinking globally. We are currently building a team to support in sales and marketing of our specialty products.”

In myopia management, Soflex will continue to play a key role in the Israel market, with both Ortho-K and the highly anticipated launch of MiSight® in 2019.

Estee notes there was no simple way to develop the unity that the team is now enjoying. This originated through setting a clear strategy and motivating purpose, communicating regularly and accurately, and creating more personal connections between people.

“We are very excited about the opportunities ahead,” Estee says. “There is still much work to do, but we are well on our way to achieving our goal to become the number one contact lens company in Israel.”

MiSight® is only approved for sale under the CE mark and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

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