CooperVision DACH: From Dailies to Singles

Daily Disposable Product Portfolio Relaunches as “Singles by CooperVision”

Daily disposable contact lenses have long been known by eye care practitioners (ECPs) in the DACH region as “Dailies.” In an effort to heighten awareness, gain market share and generate buzz among ECPs and consumers, CooperVision DACH recently reintroduced the company’s daily disposable contact lens portfolio as “Singles by CooperVision.”

The goal was to relaunch the brand with a fresh and relatable concept that is simple and memorable. Singles by CooperVision has proven to be a refreshing solution.

Relaunched at OPTI 2018 concurrently with the MyDay® toric portfolio, the DACH marketing team created a Singles story based on strong and selected market data and consumer insights, highlighting the advantages of choosing the CooperVision Singles portfolio. The relaunch included a new Dual Wear approach to shift ECP mind-sets toward offering consumers both Singles and glasses. “The new approach is generating significant interest among ECPs in the region,” said Oliver Stapf, Brand Manager DACH. “The relaunch provided a prime opportunity for our sales team to showcase the CooperVision Singles portfolio—the broadest portfolio of 1 day contact lenses in the market.”

2018 has been a banner year for Singles by CooperVision as well as for soccer fans. Two teams from the DACH region—Germany and Switzerland—competed in the FIFA World Cup soccer championship in Russia. Capitalizing on the World Cup phenomenon, Brand Manager Oliver Stapf created a soccer-themed promotion that ran from mid-May through July, which encouraged customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to decorate their shops and storefronts with stylish, eye-catching soccer-themed collateral that also promoted the CooperVision Singles portfolio.

Overall, the new Singles by CooperVision campaign has strengthened sales of daily disposable contact lenses in the DACH region, positioning CooperVision to become a dominant category leader in daily disposable contact lenses in the region.


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