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CooperVision China Goes on Campus for National Sight Day

June 6th marked National Sight Day in China and gave rise to a full week of themed public awareness events focused on younger consumers. CooperVision China collaborated with eastern China key accounts and several emerging universities in the Shanghai suburbs, kicking off on-campus “Live Vivid, Live Brightly” events to coincide with the elevated awareness of vision protection.

Key messages were shared in dormitory buildings and via social media channels before the CooperVision team arrived. Then, as the hot summer sun shone down, representatives set up a SiHy Master & 1 Day Expert booth that housed a vision game, lucky draw with contact lens posters, and brand advertising. Students came across the tent during session breaks and lunch time in the central commerce area.

With a high percentage of myopia prevalence on campus, free eye check-ups were offered to students, as well as refractions with contact lens prescriptions, by CooperVision’s in-house optometrist in the company’s fully-equipped van. The team also addressed questions and myths about contact lens wear, including misperceptions that wearing correction lenses could exacerbate myopia even further.

As crowds gathered, students swiped the in-booth QR code with their phones, tweeting event messages to friends. They were rewarded with on-site free trials as well as welcome packages for both CooperVision 1-day and monthly replacement brands. Those wearers were incentivized to order additional lenses with gift cards and instant discounts.

Over the course of five events that week, the CooperVision team spoke with 1,650 students, 1,030 signed up for trial packages, and 210 took advantage of on-site check-ups.


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