Complex Solutions, Shared Purpose: Specialty Eye Care Division Takes Shape

Left: The Paragon and Essilor teams celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of CRT in China at the COOC meeting in Shanghai.
Right: MiSight® is introduced in the Netherlands by Procornea at the Dutch Contact Lens Congress (NCC).

CooperVision has the world’s largest portfolio of soft contact lenses, which address the majority of vision correction needs faced by eye care professionals (ECPs) and wearers. However, some ocular conditions aren’t conducive to using these products, requiring a different approach to provide clear sight and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Craig Norman, FCLSA, a key opinion leader, Ken Kopp, FCLSA, Director of Professional Services at Paragon Vision Sciences, and Dr. Leah Johnson, FAAO, OD, Director of Clinical Services at Paragon Vision Sciences, explain the fitting process for CRT patients during an industry-first live broadcast.

With the establishment of CooperVision’s Specialty Eye Care Division, the company is delivering advanced options to practitioners and people who need more complex solutions for refraction and long-term management of their issues.

Formed from the acquisitions of Paragon, Procornea and Soflex—all highly-respected brands themselves who can now benefit from shared knowledge—the Division is now able to offer a range of products to meet these needs, plus cutting-edge fitting technologies to simplify the process. It focuses on three areas:

Irregular corneas, including conditions such as keratoconus (where the cornea becomes pointed), affecting between 1 in 500 people. In the absence of a special contact lens, the most extreme keratoconus sufferer is unable to actively participate in everyday sighted life. Soflex Soft-K lenses and the scleral range from Procornea provide soft and hard lens correction choices.

Myopia management, actively tackling the increasing prevalence of myopia, a vision disorder that develops in early childhood and increases the potential of vision problems later in life. CooperVision’s MiSight® 1 day contact lens has been shown to slow the progression of myopia in a three-year study. Alternatively, Ortho-K therapy—incorporating the Paragon CRT lenses and Procornea DreamLite lenses—offers an overnight wear approach to managing myopia.

Complex fitting, since even normal corneas sometimes need a custom approach due to their size and topography that standard lenses cannot accommodate. Both Soflex and Procornea have a range of custom soft and hard lenses, and further development should see the businesses offer an advanced silicone hydrogel material this decade.

During 2018, Specialty Eye Care has promoted myopia management and scleral lenses at global and regional conferences, including the International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry (COOC) in China, the Dutch Contact Lens Congress (NCC) in the Netherlands, and the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) and Vision by Design in the United States. In addition, it has offered extensive education to ECPs, already training 2,000 ECPs this year.

Dr. Maria Liu, a myopia key opinion leader, lectures on the myopia epidemic during the Paragon Vision Sciences U.S.-China Myopia Management Symposium at Vision by Design in Orlando, Florida.

“Though these sectors represent a small part of the contact lens market today, technology advancements and the global support of CooperVision can further accelerate their growth and enhance our reputation as a contact lens innovator,” said J.C. Aragon, President of Specialty Eye Care. “Correcting complex vision needs is consistent with CooperVision’s heritage. With our new division, CooperVision is bringing the gift of vision to even more complex cases, plus reducing the risk of future vision loss in children. When combined with the core business, we’re further fulfilling our purpose, helping improve the way people see each day.”

MiSight® is only approved for sale under the CE mark and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


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