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Combining Science + Emotion in Australia

Australia events highlight the clinical and emotional reasons for upgrading patients to silicone hydrogel 1-day contact lenses.

Left: Professor Deborah Sweeney
Right: Dr. Neil Doyle

While more than 70 percent of new patients in Australia are being fitted with 1-day silicone hydrogel lenses, approximately two-thirds of existing 1-day wearers remain in hydrogel materials. Disrupting optometrists’ tendency to leave patients in hydrogel lenses is a major focus area for the CooperVision ANZ team.

“There is no doubt that most optometrists understand the clinical reasons for upgrading patients to silicone hydrogel lenses,” says Joe Tanner, Professional Services Manager, ANZ. “The emotional and behavioral factors are slower and more challenging to change.”

To drive greater urgency around the need for the upgrade, CooperVision ANZ hosted two events in Sydney and Melbourne. The goal: to showcase the clinical and emotional rationale for upgrading patients to 1-day silicone hydrogel contact lenses. More than 300 optometrists who currently prescribe large volumes of traditional 1-day hydrogel lenses attended.

Australia is home to some of optometry’s leading global thought leaders, including Professor Deborah Sweeney, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of Research and Innovation at Western Sydney University. Sweeney is a noted expert on the effects of contact lens wear on corneal physiology. In her keynote, she reviewed clinical evidence to support prescribing silicone hydrogel lenses for 1-day wearers.

To examine the emotional aspect, CooperVision invited Dr. Neil Doyle, owner of Delta MV Research, a leading practitioner in applying behavioral science principles to health care marketing. Doyle shared real-life patient feedback on the desire for more information on superior treatment options and choice when it comes to contact lenses—a powerful message for the practitioners in the audience.

Using interactive live polling, the ANZ team measured the messaging impact throughout the evening.  Before the event, around 30 percent of optometrists said they do not routinely upgrade patients to silicone hydrogel lenses. By the end of the presentations, only two percent maintained that position.

The CooperVision ANZ team is building a sales tool to run smaller-scale customer events, leveraging video content from the event and promoting MyDay® and clariti® 1 day products. The events are aimed at positioning CooperVision as a leading educator in the contact lens industry.


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